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RNDr. Filip Hartvich, Ph.D.

Oddělení inženýrské geologie
Telefon: +420266009318, 233
Ústav struktury a mechaniky hornin AVČR, v.v.i.
V Holešovičkách 41
182 09, Praha 8
Česká republika
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I have started working at the Department of Engineering Geology of the IRSM in 2001, shortly before I finished my MSc. degree at the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology of the Faculty of Science, Charles University (2002). I continued with Ph.D. studies at the same school, finishing the Ph.D. degree in 2009. Currently, I work as a researcher, and I serve as head of the department of Engineering Geology (since 2018) and as deputy director of the Institute (since 2014).

Professionally, I am a geomorphologist and geologist with a very wide scope of professional interests. Among the main research directions I have been working on with my numerous colleagues and collaborators are in recent years are structural and tectonic geomorphology, applications of geophysical methods in geomorphology and engineering geology(focusing on geoelectric methods), study of dangerous geodynamic processes and geodynamic hazards (mostly slope and tectonic processes), fluvial and sedimentary geomorphology, geoinformatic applications in geoscience (particularly DEM creation and exploitation), GIS and GNSS assisted mapping, morphometric analyses of DEM, and, last but not least, applications of ascending technologies and research fields in geomorphology and geology – such as applications of UAV-based mapping, infrared imagery, thermal effects on rock stability, paleoseismology or terrestrial LiDAR data processing and exploitation.

I am also active in the field of practical applications of the above mentioned geoscientific methods and approaches. With my colleagues, we have prepared numerous expert´s opinions, studies and analyses on various cases of dangerous geodynamic processes, such as landslides, rockfalls, flood hazards, etc.
Throughout the years, I have participated on numerous projects, studies and research activities, mostly in cooperation with my colleagues from the IRSM, but also from the Charles University, Ostrava University, University of West Bohemia, Czech geological survey, Polish AS, Wroclaw University, San Diego State University, and numerous others.

Having spent a large part of last more than 20 years on the fieldworks, I have vast experience as field researcher. I have been participating on field studies at many geodynamically interesting sites around the world. While some part of my fieldworks was and is carried on in the Czech Republic (especially, Šumava Mts., Czech Cretaceous plateau, Beskydy Mts., České Středohoří and Barrandien), during my career I worked in Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Romania, Canary Islands, and in recent years I spent every summer with fieldworks at Svalbard, Norway.

Currently, I am author or co-author of more than 50 scientific papers, numerous contract research studies and reports, and serve as reviewer for several IF journals. I also contribute to the popularization of our research field through public lectures, seminars for public, popularization articles and short films (see the links).

Aside from the research activities, I am also a lecturer at the Dpt. of Physical Geography and Geoecology (Fac. of Science, Charles University), where I participate on the education of new generation of researchers since 2004. I both teach several subjects (including structural and tectonic geomorphology and field practicals) and serve as supervisor, consultant and reviewer of the students´ theses and try to involve my students into real research tasks.