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Geochronologie a dynamika vybraných svahových deformací v oblasti Kysuckých Beskyd


Číslo grantu:

OU IGS 31600/1054

Grantová agentura:

interní grant

Řešen v letech:

2009 - 2009

Hlavní řešitelé:

RNDr. Petr Tábořík, Ph.D.

Popis grantu:

Main goal of geomorphological research is not only the determination of relief forms but mainly the assess ment of the genesis of relief as well as its age, if pos sible. Mere observation and description of landforms may n ot be sufficient to reveal the true reason for the gen esis of a form. It is therefore very important to support pronounced theories with factual information. An important part of the research is formed by structu re measurements and the application of the methods of morphostructural analysis and geophysical methods. One of the geophysical methods is Electrical Resist ivity Tomography (ERT) consisting in the measurement and determination of electrical resistivity below the s urface. The interpretation of the resulting inverse model e nables us to describe the situation beneath the Earth’s su rface