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1. Study of organic-rich matter
Systematic characterization of fossil samples, identification of biological sources, reconstruction of accumulation conditions, coalification, maturation and weathering in sedimentary environment are studied. Geochemical approaches are applicated in study of non-geological problems for example in a long-term research onto relationship between resins of fossil and present-day conifers.

2. Properties of waste materials as sorbents
New porous materials, arising from pyrolysis of waste materialsat specific conditions, are tested for their application as new "low-cost" adsorption materials for environmental pollutants removal.

3. Properties of natural and synthetized materials
Used carbon filters are reactivated and the efficiency of the reactivation process is evaluated. Also, newly prepared highly porous carbon sorbents with high thermal and chemical stability, regeneration ability, and fast adsorption kinetic are tested.

4. Organic and inorganic pollutants in the environment
Contaminants associated mainly with coal mining are studid in all kinds of geologic materials: their concentration, environmental mobility and stability, sorption capacity.

5. Granitic rocks, tektites, tufa and uranium ore deposits
Selected accessory minerals are studied in granitic rocks of selected magmatic suites as the possible storage place of high-level radioactive waste. Uranium mineralisation is studied in details, that mainly occurring in the Bohemian Massif, and interaction of uranium mineralas with organic matter.