RNDr. Jan Klimeš, Ph.D.

Department of Engineering Geology
E-mail: klimes@irsm.cas.cz | jklimes@centrum.cz
Phone: +420266009330
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS, v.v.i.
V Holešovičkách 41
182 09, Prague 8
Czech Republic
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Chairman of the Czech Association of Geomorphologists

Member of the Evaluation Committee of the Czech Grant Agency

Member of the Board of Representatives International Consortium on Landslides

Member of the International Association for Engineering Geology

Member of the Scientific Standing Groupd of Glacier and Permafrost Hazards in Mountains

Member of Editorial board of the Geoenvironmental Disasters and Landslides journals

Member of the Examination Board for State Examinations and Commission for Theses Defense in the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Study Programms of Physical geography, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic