Wireless network eduroam

We paricipate on eduroam.cz project.

At the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics AS CR there is available the access to EDUROAM network. This network enables transparent interconnection of academic computer networks. End users connect their terminals (notebook, PDA, WiFi phone) by wireless network (WiFi). The user with an account (ask your home institution) in the eduroam network can get network connectivity enywhere, where the eduroam network is accessible - academic institutions in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Canada. User without eduroam account can't connect to eduroam network but can connect to usmh-host network without password for 2 hours.

To connect to the eduroam network you will need:
  • User account - ask a network administrator in your home institution.
  • propriatelly configured device with installed latest security patches and with an up-to-date antivirus software - instructions how to configure your notebook are here
  • Autoconfiguration utility is placed on website https://cat.eduroam.org

  • More information and manuals "How to connect" you can find on offical eduroam website, wiki eduroam site or on website of your home institution.

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